Online services for travelers visiting Korea

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Tupolar Online Services

Your request will be forwarded to the Tupolar curators. Then, the available curators will send the information or processing results to your messenger within usually 30 minutes. Travelers can request the following services:

Recommendations & Local Information

In the case of a restaurant, the curator searches the local site, selects the restaurant that best suits the traveler's request, and sends the reason and URL of the recommendation. Similarly, curator-level information is provided for tourism, leisure, transportation, and shopping.

Price Check

Ask for pricing information for the goods or services you want to purchase. You can get information such as Internet sales price, recommended discount store.

Reservation & Delivery Food Order

You can request a restaurant reservation or a visit reservation. We also offer recommendations for delivery meals such as pizza and chicken, as well as orders to the hotel.

Telephone interpreter

Travelers can request phone interpreters and inquiries from stores, venues and airports on demand. (Not a professional business interpreter, but a short life interpreter)


Mon~Sun: 9am - 9pm


Travelers can request free 24-hour (or 48-hour) access after entering the coupon code. The coupon code can be purchased from this site or a partner.


If you request additional new content, please re-apply. Because the performance of the curator is checked by each request. Of course, please contact the respondent for any existing requests.


Tupolar Online Services

Don't waste your time for searching the Internet during traveling

Just ask Tupolar Curators. They will provide detailed information from the local websites and communities (Not traveler review websites) - Food, shopping, traffic facilities, general information and recommendation

Price Check and Discount Search

If you want to verify the price or discount, ask our travel curator. We will find not only reasonable prices but also discount stores

Experience Korea delivery food

Our travel curator will recommend delivery food menu and order them to your place

Request directly by calling

During shopping or tour, if you need translation or urgent help, contact through messenger VoIP phone and ask help

Regional Curators


Tupolar partners are stores, cafes, restaurants that we recommend foreign travelers to visit. Travelers can receive 'Tupolar service voucher' from partners.