Online services for travelers visiting Korea

Recommended information and various travel assistance, 1:1 Messenger Service


Tupolar Online Services

- Recommended information
  ( Where to eat, shop and visit )

- Price verification and search good deal

- Reservation or delivery food orders

- Translation through messenger VoIP

(Service Hour)

Mon~Sun. 9am - 9pm

Your request will be forwarded to Tupolar Curators. Then a avaible cuarator will send the information and results through your messenger quickly.


Guide and errand requests are scheduled to be available in December.


1. For additional requests, please apply again using the [Inquiry & Request] button. Of course, you can discuss with the respondent the details on your request.
2. Please request in detail and with at least 30 minutes prior notice.


Tupolar Online Services

Don't waste your time for searching the Internet during traveling

Just ask Tupolar Curators. They will provide detailed information from the local websites and communities (Not traveler review websites) - Food, shopping, traffic facilities, general information and recommendation

Price Check and Discount Search

If you want to verify the price or discount, ask our travel curator. We will find not only reasonable prices but also discount stores

Experience Korea delivery food

Our travel curator will recommend delivery food menu and order them to your place

Request directly by calling

During shopping or tour, if you need translation or urgent help, contact through messenger VoIP phone and ask help

Regional Curators

Tupolar travel curators are the locals who can provide trustworthy information and willing to help you.